We could not decide what the Chinaman on this month’s front cover would say, so we created an online contest asking readers to submit ideas. We imagined him as a total Shitlord of the Asian variety, who says it like it is, caring not what "politically correct" Marxist "white" people think. Our winner is a recent York University graduate and REAL LIFE Hitler-loving Chinese Shitlord! He and 10 friends will receive the prize of ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT CHINESE DIM SUM with Dr. James Sears and his family. He asked that we publish this heartfelt letter:

I want to address the issues with Communism/Marxism.  Karl Marx, those who influenced him, and those he influenced, cannot be more wrong about promoting a system of “equality” between the bourgeois and the proletariat.  Marx’s doctrine of “equalizing the population” has led to the destruction of free speech and all forms of religion, working class enslavement, several bloody Communist revolutions, millions dead across the globe, disappearance of private property/ownership, and the corruption of the traditional concepts of holy matrimony, sex, gender and many other conservative values we hold dear.  This belief system gives government total and complete control over the individual and the state.

The Communist Manifesto dictates all current governments become Communist.  It legitimizes an unjust government to commit massacres, evidenced by the Bolshevik Revolution, Chinese Revolution, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  The proletariat class struggle leads nowhere.  At the end of the day, all your possessions, including your labour, belong to the government.  Widespread pollution arises from a depreciating economy and production.  Look at the pollution in China … it’s out of control! 

A majority of China’s GDP comes from the US.  If you haven’t noticed, everything is made in China.  Chinese workers no longer have integrity to pursue higher professions and quality work.  There is no incentive to work hard, as doctors and lawyers get paid the same as janitors and fast food workers.  No more emphasis on creativity.  You have no individual rights.  The Communist Manifesto has 10 rules/planks for forced redistribution of land and property (like the 10 Commandments).  It’s basically theft; might as well sell yourself to the government as a slave.  Forced collectivization caused Russia and China’s population to starve to death.  It was the most destructive famine, as 33 million starved to death, excluding executions, outnumbering inflated Jewish “Holocaust” numbers by 5:1.  Why isn’t that taught in school?

As an Asian male and recent York University graduate, I guarantee these very immoral ideals are taught in social science and liberal art classrooms.  I remember writing several academic papers discrediting Communist values, and receiving very poor grades on them.  Academic institutions used to be about learning and dialectic discourse; having an antithesis that differed from a thesis.  Nowadays they are about debt slavery and indoctrination, especially if you pursue a liberal arts degree.  If you attend a postsecondary institution these Marxist philosophies will be shoved down your throat. 

If I wanted Communism, I would have stayed in China so I could starve to death or be beaten dead by the Communist government.  NO!  My family came to Canada to escape Communism, not be controlled by the very same political ideologies that destroyed our Motherland.  Once the US pulls labour from China, you will see.  China is the leading country without a religion, so naturally many are devoid of morals and ethics:  They value money, are rude, selfish, inconsiderate, narcissistic, conceited and brainwashed by the government. 

What ever happened to Confucian values or Taoist values or even Buddhism?  The Germans called us “Honourary Aryans” because we used to have standards.  They even said we had a “superior culture” because it was over 5000 years old. 

Wiederherstellung das Han!
A Proud Chinese-Canadian National Socialist